Monday, May 20, 2013

11 Steps To Create A Google Plus Community For Your Class

One of the best services Google+  provides to its users is called " communities ". Any Google Plus user can easily create and host his/her community on the cloud and in a matter of few clicks.For us in education  we can use this service to create a community for our class. In this virtual space, you will get to share with your students resources, links, and also get them to participate and contribute in it. You can also create class events with dates, location, and more details and share them with your students and their parents as well. Needless to say that you can use Google Hangout right from your community to hold video conferences with your students.

1-  Head over to your Google Plus 

On your Google Plus home page, click on " communities " in left hand side and then click on " create a community. "

2-  Private or Public

Now choose whether you want your community to be private ( only members you invite can join ) or public. 

If you set it for public , make sure to select the permission setting : no one can join or  yes a moderator needs to approve

3- Name your community

Provide a name for your community then click on " create community "

4- Pick a photo for your community
Click on " pick a photo " as is shown in the screenshot below and download your photo

5- Write a tagline
Type in some descriptive words to tag you community

6- Write a description
Write a description about your community. Let others know what it is that you talk about in this community and invite them to share and join in the conversation

7- Add categories

Now start adding your categories. For instance, you can add a category for lesson plans, another one for tutorials, ....etc

Once you are done with your editing click on done. You can always re-edit your community features at any time you want by clicking on the action menu an selecting edit

8- Invite people

9- Start a hangout

You can use this feature to start a video hangout with your students or colleagues. 

10- Create an event

You can easily create an event to share with others by simply clicking on " create event " button. Provide the title of your event, the date, location , and details of your event. You can then invite your friends either through Google Plus or by sending them emails. You can also host your event on Google Hangout.

11- Sharing 

Use the sharing buttons to share links, photos, videos...etc.

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